-Ruled by King Haggard Elderin.
-The heart of the kingdom, a tiered city sprawling across a peninsula. It has swallowed neighbouring suburbs of artisans and builders.
-Ruled by the Elderin family for two centuries.


Queen Anne’s Mercy (clinic)

Clove and Rosalie’s Warehouse


The Speakwell An underground poetry slam bar run by Poggle the Bester, a popular bard. It’s popular with hipster nobles and university art majors.

McWallbucks A corporate-style zoo that has exhibits of rare animals. It’s the ‘Disney Walmart’ of zoos. The animals are displayed in pristine white boxes and nobles pay top dollar for the chance to view them.

The Jets Tram A massive network of interconnected magically-flowing waterways used to transport passengers and goods throughout the city. Its water flows 110km an hour.

Leg Under the Table & True Glory Run by Sorran, Sulxax’s elder brother, Leg Under the Table produces custom handmade wood furniture for reasonable prices. It is attached to True Glory, Sulxax’s sisters’ bounty hunter office that employs three of his sisters: Abis, Lilothyra, and Raiwyn. The building is an asymmetrical duplex. It’s an old style dark wood two story building with two front and back doors. The second floor is a single floor rather than two and houses the family.


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