Haysport Town

A sleepy port town bisected by a river. Its shopping and business district sit on an island that forks the river in two. The noble quarters are far from the port, hidden behind the walls of an ancient fort.

-Locals trade wheat and goods from the frontier, but send shipments to capital Noname.
-In the river, the desiccated structures of ancient buildings poke up through the lazy currents. The floodplains have shifted over time, leaving manors and fortifications under water.

Town Chatter:
-Rumours of sunken ships
-Stories about ghosts in Owen’s Woods.


Carnival of Masks
-Everyone wears masks and people greet strangers by the type of mask (e.g. fox, feather)
-Food, curiosity stalls, artists and performers, swindlers
-Stalls sell rare animals and tiny animal booties

-Haysport sits on the ruins of a former city-state that was conquered by the royal family centuries ago. It has declined into obscurity, except as a stopping point on pilgrimages to the Grand Leak.
-The town has been plagued by a rivalry between two criminal organizations, headed by ‘Mont’ and ‘Cap.’ After Cap’s base of operations was destroyed, Mont seized power using a band of local hill giants. He paid off the guards and shook down locals for protection money. The vacuum of power has left several factions vying for control.

Haysport Town

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