Words Chiseled into Chasm Wall

Scrawled on the ground beside the body:
Never trust a fast-talking gnome.

Cracked into the wall, above a blood-stained chisel:
I will never see the sun again…
I’m sorry, my lord. I could not keep my promise.

Carved in neat, precise lettering, as if written on an engraving on a public work:
I’m so glad that I buried it under the lady.
At least my life’s work will survive.
Princess, if you are reading this,
use my gift to carve out your path.

…And if you want to, once all of this is over,
you could name a national holiday after me.
I mean, if you really want to.

The rest is unreadable. The letters have been destroyed by hurried chisel blows.

Words Chiseled into Chasm Wall

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