Glink's Call to Action

Dear Hatters,

Can I call you Hatters? I don’t know if I ever established this.
I have been mulling it over and I think now is about time to tell you what the Order is all about.

It may surprise you to learn that we are not only about great music, good times, and helping people in need (for fun and profit.) No, we are also patriots who have stood by the princess through her time of greatest need.

Yes, that’s right. I, Glink Whistlesprocket, helped the princess escape and sheltered her all these years, keeping her safe from the assassins who killed her mother. Not to brag, but it was a pretty big deal. And, I hear you ask, who am I to have done all this?

Okay, prepare yourself. Are you prepared?

I am the Royal Music Tutor.

That’s right. I am THE GUY for teaching the royals how to play music. It’s been my job for hundreds of years, so you could say that I have the… ear of some pretty important people.

Okay, so, long story short, would you do me a solid and come back and join this little thing I’ve put together with sweet little Gwen? Yeah, we’re going to take the capital. No biggie. Just need to scrape together some coin for boots and rations and daggers and such.

Meet us at Haysport. (Oh, by the way, we conquered Haysport. It really was for their own good, honest. Those people need help.)

Charmingly Yours,
Glink Whistlesprocket

PS: Whose zombie dog is this? Gwen won’t say and it’s leaving parts everywhere.

PPS: You might be wondering, does Gwen play an instrument? Well, no. Turns out she’s tone-deaf. (But in all other ways she is the greatest of princesses. The greatest.)

PPPS: If you guys want music lessons, I’ll cut you a discount. I mean, you’re not royalty, but you guys did kinda save my butt a few times. You’re good kids.

PPPPS: I heard Blacksad has cancer. Is he okay?

PPPPPS: You guys are really famous in Haysport. Like everyone is talking about you. I think we need to have a talk about a few things.

Glink's Call to Action

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