Tag: Cult of Leviathan


  • Quartz Peak

    The party finally made it to Quartz Peak! Odrick started acting suspicious and buying salt to put in wells. Croak partially drowned him, then fellow guild-mate Shan helped to remove the curse through mysterious means. The party figured out that the …

  • Getting Stoned in Haysport

    Hunny tore down fences and torched the petting zoo of lies. The crowd turned on the petting zoo owner, demanding refunds. Hunny gave out her business card: _Hunny's Turtle Kingdom: For All Your Petting Needs._ "Come to my petting zoo," she said. "For …

  • Zeke

    - Former cleric, friend to animals. - Journeyed together with [[:glink-whistlesprocket | Glink,]] [[:micah-whistlesprocket | Micah]], and [[:gwen-elderin | Gwen]] in the days after Queen Anne was assassinated.