Cheerful Necromancer


-Can brew potions
-Able to lift and apply curses
-Deep knowledge of the occult


-Bounty Hunter, lives in a room at the guild
-Collector of curses, expert on the occult, a mage who worships the eclectic, especially lesser-known gods
-Cheerfully speaks of ancient gravesites, curses, and the undead
-Daughter of Glen, leader of the Order of the Gazing Seagull
-Forbidden from guild jobs involving Haysport


- Shan studied forensic anthropology in Noname.
- In university, she met a young man named ‘Liadon’ who was majoring in pharmacy. One day during a drunk post-exam party, the two of them hooked up, and Liadon started babbling about a group of assassins who called themselves the Hornet’s Sting who worked exclusively for the nobility.
- Removed a cursed mask from Odrick.
- Revived Gwen’s dog, Precious, from the dead at Hoxie’s request.


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