Micah Whistlesprocket

Jerk Sentient Sword / Dead Wizard


-wizard, former adventurer


-husband of Ginabelle Whistlesprocket
-vain, too embarrassed to let wife know of method of death
-knows guild-master, former rivalry and falling out over distribution of loot
-desire to return to full life by any means

-Killed by Zeke in Licklog Mine.
-Used a spell to put his soul into a sword.
-Convinced Croak to carry him out of the mine and allow him to travel with the party.
-Received a letter from Zeke demanding he come to Lamure before the full moon.
-Tricked the party into handing him over to Zeke, but bargained to protect their lives.
-Broken in half when Croak jumped off a five-story building.

Micah Whistlesprocket

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