Gwen Elderin

Heir of Noname


Patient assistant to Glink. She is the one who makes his mad dreams possible; she carries through the details of his flights of fancy.

Leader of rebel forces in the civil war over Noname succession. Gwen believes she must seize power from her incompetent brother for the good of the people.


-Daughter of Haggard Elderin, king of Noname
-Keeps the books of the Royal Order of Silly Hats.
-Runs the guild on a day-to-day basis.
-Gives Glink a weekly allowance.


-Gwen met Glink back in his adventuring days. She followed him around, demanding to be part of his group, until he eventually let her join to keep her out of trouble. (After all, if she would follow anyway, it would be no safer to tell her to go home.)

-After the party stopped Mont, he claimed that Gwen is actually a secret princess. She admitted it after Blacksad confronted her about it, but said that she didn’t care if her younger brother took the throne. She was much happier living with the guild… until kobolds attacked the order and she learned Edwin had killed their precious childhood dog. Then she vowed to take the throne and do her duty.

Gwen Elderin

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