The Royal Order of Silly Hats

Taking Mont's Villa

Always Bring Your Bow to a Poetry Reading

The party got drunk and celebrated with the townspeople after slaying giants. Hoxie vanished—presumed drunk and passed out.

The party found a pious woman named ‘Shannon’ at the church of the ‘Harvest Beetle’ and tried to unload all of Mont’s silver. But she refused it; as much as she would love to use the money to feed hungry orphans, she feared Mont’s ire. (Solax promised him to bring Mont’s ‘eye’ as ‘ire’ was not in his vocabulary.)

While Croak went around town asking for information on Mont’s base, Blacksad sneaked into the poetry reading. The rest of the party milled about the area, waiting for the poetry to start.

As Blacksad crept up onto a catwalk overlooking the stage, a crossbow bolt struck him in the back. An assassin came out of hiding and whispered “Courtesy of Trustworthy Tim” before plunging a poisoned dagger into Blacksad’s chest.

“No,” said Blacksad. “The courtesy is all mine.” He shoved the assassin over the edge of the catwalk. Hunny crushed the man’s skull before he could be interrogated.
Blacksad’s vision started blurring and he realized that the poison was lingering in his system. The party decided to track down Aunt Sally. They found her grand-daughter, Sally Junior, at the teashop. She gave them some willowbark tea and sent them to Sally over by the inn. Sally gave Blacksad mysterious drugs and told him that he would need to identify the poison before anyone can figure out the antidote.

At the door to Mont’s village, the party encountered two giants. One of them was carrying a spear… which he was wielding like a club. The party hastily killed one giant. The second fled through the door into the villa… where he was scorched by the breath of a Bahir. The creature was mute, as its tongue had been removed by the slavers who captured it.

The Bahir strained against the chains binding it to the wall. Hunny approached, smacking it with her hammer. The Bahir chomped on her, then wrapped its chains around her to bind her. It drooled over her, anticipating swallowing her whole… until it caught sight of its mortal enemy: Solax, a dragonborn.

Hunny broke free, snapping the chains that bound the Bahir to the wall. It charged at Solax, gnawed on his shoulder, and then squeezed him in a death-hug. Croak, Mythian, Blacksad, and Hunny worked together to bring the creature down before it could finish off Solax. Blacksad found a bracer that had survived the acid of the Bahir’s digestive system. Solax kept the spear that had belonged to the giant.

Upstairs, the party freed Glink (who had managed to safely smuggle a whistle in the only part of his body that was not searched). Solax found a bag of beans sitting on the table; he popped five beans into his mouth.

In the hallway, the party discovered a huge metal vault. They left it behind and went straight to Mont’s office. Unfortunately, the time they took to fight their way in allowed Mont to escape. Glink asked the party to shove the pieces of his shattered guitar down Mont’s throat. The party leaped out the window to chase after Mont. (On the way out, Hunny noticed a pretty Goat statue and snatched it off the desk.)

Mythian sent her fairy dragon after Mont and used her powers to watch through the dragon’s eyes. She tracked it back to Aunt Sally’s tea shop. The party raced to the tea shop to save Jenny and Aunt Sally from Mont… but by the time they arrived, Aunt Sally had been stabbed and beaten up Mont with a stick. Jenny had managed to free herself.
Hunny was going to shove Glink’s guitar pieces down Mont’s throat, but Croak diffused the situation and convinced Mont that he would be much better off surrendering. If he did so, Croak would turn him over to the guards for justice rather than beating him up and then turning him over to the guards for justice. (Nevermind what the rest of the party might do.) Mont gave up and provided information, including the combination to his safe and details about ‘the heir’ (Gwen is allegedly a princess).

The party went back to the villa and opened the safe: they found 25,000,000 silver pieces, a strange cloak, a ring, and a gemstone. Croak decided to return the money to the people. Everyone agreed that this was the right thing to do. They brought the silver to the church of the Harvest Beetle, where the priestess swore that she would distribute the money to feed and cloth the orphans of Haysport.

After a day of good deeds (mostly), the party returned to the inn for some well earned rest. Croak identified some of the treasures they had found:
-stone of good luck
-bracers of archery
-robe of useful items
-ring of spell storing (1 charge of Crusader’s Mantle, 1 Move Earth, 1 Stone Skin)
-ivory goats (Figurine of Wondrous Power)
All hail the terror goat!


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