The Royal Order of Silly Hats

Riddles in Esterway

Do You Have to Solve a Riddle to Use the Washroom?

The party received a letter from Glink, telling them he was in trouble. At the same time, they received a letter from the Herald of Leviathan, threatening doom.

While fighting sentient plants, the party met Mithian, a bored teenager with a fay boyfriend and magic powers.

Mithian led the party to Esterway, which can only be accessed by a rope bridge over a moat filled with giant spiders. There they met a half-orc guard named Clog (and his pet Owlbear named Dog) who demanded that the party solve riddles before they could enter. With much cheating, the party were all able to answer their riddles and prove themselves to be true intellectuals worthy of entering the town.

In Esterway, no one may give directions through the town unless travelers answer riddles. The way to the tavern passed through the vineyard, where Hunny and Blacksad found Jenny’s wounded Pegasus. They calmed and healed it, and promised to rescue Jenny.

Ruick got drunk at the tavern, while the rest of the group headed to the library. Some stoners shared their wisdom on the way. Under the light of a glowing tree in the library courtyard, they asked the resident Sphinx where they could find Glen, the leader of the Order of the Gazing Seagull.

The Sphinx sighed and demanded that they solve a riddle in exchange for the information. The depressed Sphinx told them it secretly hated riddles, but was afraid to make a career change so late in life—deep down, it wanted to be a bard but its claws could not hold the instruments and its voice was too terrible to sing. But Blacksad offered it the friendship and encouragement it needed, telling it to chase its dreams. They exchanged info and became pen pals.

Croak approached Glen and offered him a diamond in exchange for two spells. Glen took the diamond upfront (as Croak trusted him) and told the party to rest overnight in an inn. He asked them if they really believed reality in a world where illusion magic can be conjured at will—what if reality itself is an illusion. The party’s minds were not expanded, so they went to bed. In the middle of the night, Keen Edge asked Croak for reassurance that Ginabelle would be okay.

In the morning, Croak picked up the spells that Glen promised would probably work. He also asked how Shan was doing, not that he had a daughter or anything. Croak flew on ahead on the back of the Pegasus, as he had a promise to keep to a giant turtle.
The rest of the party carried on through the woods, where they were ambushed by a carnivorous tree. Its vines dragged victims towards its hungry maw. Hunny lit the tree on fire by throwing a lit torch. Ruick tried to convince everyone to just leave (after all, the tree could not move and its vines only reached 30 feet.) However, Hunny charged in with Pumba to attack. Ruick and his horse were dragged in and his horse was devoured in a spray of blood. Pumba too was eaten, sending Hunny into a blind rage. She hacked and slashed, and was pulled into the tree’s mouth, where she hacked it apart from within as the rest of the party pelted the tree with spells and arrows. As they fled, the forest was engulfed in flames. Croak saw it burn from the distance and sent the Pegasus back to Esterway with a note to get help. Then he leaped into the Chasm.

As the moon rose on the horizon, the party reached Lamure, a sleepy town overlooking the Grand Leak.

Finally, they will confront Zeke, the Herald of Leviathan. If they fail to stop the cult’s ritual, the world will drown this very night.

Hunny: “Hey guys, can we just let the ritual happen? I want to see the dragon turtle fight Leviathan. Kaiju battle!”


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