The Royal Order of Silly Hats

Return to Haysport

I Hate This Town. Why Can't These People Solve Their Own Problems?

The party reached Haysport and found Sulxax, another member of the guild, waiting for them on the bridge: they knew him by his athletic reputation.

On their way to the wheat fields where Mont’s villa is reputed to be, they assaulted a hotdog salesman, released his merchandise (possums), and stole the contents of his wallet. This attracted the attention of a hill giant patrolling the town, so the party fled across the shipping district bridge and snuck by the inn across the bridge by the noble’s district. They learned from the local guard that Mont has taken control of the town and is employing hill giants.

They witnessed another giant extorting money from a shopkeeper and decided that this was the moment to take a heroic stand. They stabbed the giant in the back before he could defend himself, then tied up his feet so that he fell to the ground. Then, they cut him and splattered his brains on the paving stones. Another giant showed up in time to watch in horror and then died as the party ganged up on him.

Soaked in blood, Hoxie stood dazed; she saw the shadow of a dog creeping through the streets, wagging its tail. It disappeared into the crowd.

The party took a leisurely stroll up to the tea shop to talk to Auntie Sally. They learned a few things: the dragon turtle has been terrorizing the seas and even attacked the harbour of Haysport, scuttling ships. William Shagbark will be doing a poetry reading tomorrow to benefit children who have been traumatized by being shaken by barbarians. And Cap is staying in the inn, since his hideout was flooded.

The party walked back to the inn. They were followed by a crowd of people eager to see if more giants will be slain. At the inn, they found Ginabelle Whistlesprocket and Cap. They learned that Jenny was kidnapped by the giants. They also learned that Mont is paying off the giants with goats.

Blacksad, who had been keeping watch outside, saw giants converging on their location. He ran inside, warning the party. They snuck out through the kitchen, intending to sneak over the bridge. There, Blacksad overheard one of the giants mutter about how he was going to destroy the inn. Blacksad, unable to keep silent, told Croak.

Croak ran back to the inn, warning all of the workers and guests inside. Then he tried to reason with the giants, convincing them not to attack the inn because there were people inside. Blacksad and Hunny tried to entice them with meat. The giants loved smashing too much to be convinced.

Croak told them that he had a present for them and got the four giants to stand together at the base of the inn. In the kitchen, he grabbed a pot of boiling oil, climbed up to the second story, and poured the oil on all four giants. Then he lit them on fire with his green flame blade.

The party engaged the giants in the streets, exchanging blows. Pirate Pumba died under the weight of a falling giantess. Sulxax nearly died after being crushed by a club.
The giants succumbed to the flames and the rain of blows. Before a crowd of cheering onlookers, the party stood heroically on the backs of the fallen giants. Croak’s cloak fluttered in the wind.

“The hero of the slums!” chanted the people of Haysport. They took up arms, ready to burn Mont’s villa to the ground.


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