The Royal Order of Silly Hats

Never Negotiate with a Dragon Turtle

Whoops, Hunny broke the world

The party crawled through a crack in the cavern they found after defeating the Kobold hero. It led to a corpse and a message left by a dying dwarf.

They followed the cavern to a room filled with sand. Blacksad spotted a floating shield, so the party avoided ambush by a gelatinous cube. Hunny sent a panther she pulled out of her bag of tricks to investigate the cube, where it was devoured and killed by its acid.
The party managed to surround and kill the cube (though Croak was half-digested in the process). But they ended up locked inside the room. They discovered a word-puzzle on the door and were half-way to solving it when Rurik pressed a letter, electrocuting himself, and filling the room with water. Luckily, the party solved the puzzle before they drowned.

In the sand, they found a golden comb. It was a thing of beauty. It shone with a brilliant luster, its ruby eyes deep-faceted. All who gazed upon it knew that it was an object of true rarity, something that any thief would covet. It ended up in Rurik’s possession, as he was the only one present who would appreciate its fine dwarven artistry.

The party emerged into the light of the chasm. It was miles wide, filled with bleached coral, sand petrified into the ripples of a seafloor, and the wrecks of pirate ships. Hunny filled her bag of holding with coral (turns out coral pieces are worth 100GP.)

They caught up and interrogated the flying kobold, but he gave away little except that ‘grandfather’ was a prominent figure among their people.

Led by Croak, the party boldly approached the mound of golden coins they could see in the distance. There, an ancient dragon turtle (the one that the kobolds had called ‘grandfather’) demanded food. After arguing whether or not to offer the boar named Pumba (Hunny had pulled out of her bag of tricks), they decided to give it all of their rations. Croak brought a pile of meat and cheese to the turtle…

…and so the dragon turtle snatched Croak off the ground and held him hostage. He demanded the party turn over all their gold and treasure. Blacksad emptied his pockets, and Hunny begrudgingly handed over 20 GP. Rurik handed over the golden comb—and thus it fell into the dragon turtle’s plunder, never to be seen again. The dragon turtle got Croak to swear an oath that he would help him return to the surface, so he could ‘show that upjumped worm who rules the seas.’ He also swore to provide the dragon with food and prevent anyone from stealing his treasure.

Keen-edge led the party to the altar where Zeke (the Herald) had first gone mad. There, Hunny smashed an ancient crystal ball sitting on an altar shaped like a cresting wave. She saw a vision of a woman on a throne atop a mountain of skulls.

The party returned to Quartz Peak, where Croak immediately set about figuring out the logistics of feeding and moving an enormous turtle.

Gwen greeted them with unfortunate news: the guildmaster has gotten himself into trouble. Mont has him captive and he is in need of rescue.

…And then they also received a letter from Zeke, the Herald of Leviathan. He has Ginabelle, Keen-edge’s wife. On the night of the harvest moon, he will carry out the final ritual.

The party has only enough days left to reach one of these destinations.


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