The Royal Order of Silly Hats

Don't Put a Dog in a Bag of Holding

I Could Punch it a Little to Make it Look Like an Accident

Exhausted and half-dead from their encounter with the cultists, the party took advantage of the hospitality of Edwin Elderberry, local eccentric noble.

And when I say ‘take advantage,’ I mean it.

In the middle of the night, Hoxie stole everything that was not nailed down. She broke the lock on a basement room and encountered a yappy dog. She wrapped it in a blanket to muffle its bark, gave it a sharp jab to teach it who was boss, and then shoved it into a bag of holding to quiet it. Then she stole Edwin’s magic paint salamanders, his beads, his ruby nipples, and his diary.

She went back to the bag of holding to check on the dog… and pulled out a dog corpse. At that very moment, Hunny woke up. She screamed ‘Why is there a dog corpse?’ The party (and Edwin) woke up.

Hoxie ran away to the Grand Leak to dispose of the body. Hunny chased after her, convinced her not to throw the dog corpse in the water. They debated whether or not to run the dog over with a wagon and pretend it had just ‘been in an accident.’

“I could punch in a little,” Hunny said reassuringly.

They eventually decided to bury it together.

Meanwhile, Croak swore to Edwin to find his sister’s dog and avenge the break-in. Blacksad covered over Hoxie’s tracks (so that Croak would not figure out the truth), and then confronted Hoxie, demanding back the dairy. (For he truly could empathize with the loss of a diary.) He returned the diary to Edwin, who asked him to visit if he ever comes to edamame.

Mithian woke up from a long sleep and charmed Edwin and Jenny, telling them to be quiet.

The party went back to the Order of the Gazing Seagull and found Ginabell and the pegasus. Gina told them the truth of the ‘pillar of the world’ that Hunny had destroyed. (Oops) She accepted her husband’s corpse / broken Keen-edge.

The party returned to Quartz Peak, where they bought new gear. Croak commissioned dragon-scale armour and picked up studded leather for Hoxie. Blacksad bought an arrow of dragon-slaying. Hoxie unloaded some stolen goods at her father’s store and they discussed their human trafficking ring. Later at the guild, she convinced Shan to go back to Lamure and revive the dead dog. Cheerfully, Shan headed off into the night.

Mithian joined the guild officially! And then the party set off to rescue Glink… and encountered a lady on the edge of town who told them the grim spectacle planned in Haysport. The villagers will burn a group of Mouse Folk at the stake in retaliation for Odrick’s attack on the slums.

“Well,” said Croak. “We have to do something about that.”


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